The Rafferty Family.

Rafferty - Raftery Family Tree

Thanks to the Raffertys and Rafterys in Australia, England, Scotland, USA, and Germany who have contacted me so far. It's been great hearing from you.

We've been compiling our Rafferty family tree information sporadically over the past few years and have entered it into a family tree program. In the interests of security, I've been reluctant to post extensive information. I'll either have to delete the information of anyone who's still living before posting the family tree, or I'll try to figure out a way of securing the sensitive information. If you have any ideas, please contact me.

In reading on the Internet, I've come to the following understanding of the Rafferty and Raftery names:

"The name Raftery is derived from the Gaelic O'Reachtaire. The Gaelic translation of the name itself means 'decree'. The Raftery and Rafferty septs were, according to genealogists, NOT related. The O'Raithbheartaigh (Rafferty) sept were said to have originated in Sligo,Tyrone and Donegal, while Mayo was home to the O'Reachtaire (Raftery) sept."

Many Rafterys were renamed Rafferty by immigrations officials, presumably because Rafferty was easier to pronounce and was more common.

A typical example might be my grandfather. He was born a Raftery, but was changed to Rafferty when he arrived in the US in 1921.

My branch of the family can be traced back to John and Jane Raftery of the Castlerea-Cregameen region of County Roscommon, Ireland. John was born in 1851 and died in 1928. I've heard that Jane's maiden name was Raftery. I suppose that's not so odd given the large number of Rafterys in the region. They had 13 children, including James Francis and Martin.

My grandfather, James Francis Rafferty (nee Raftery) was born on March 30, 1902 on a small farm in the townsland of Cregameen, Town Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, and died Sept. 13, 1983 in the USA. He married Mary Veronica Staunton on June 30th, 1930 at the Church of St. Ignatus Loyola in New York City. Interestingly, Mary was raised only a half mile from James' home in Ireland. Mary is still alive today.

If you have any information about John and Jane Raftery or the Staunton family, please contact me at:

mike [at] mikerafferty [dot] com

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